Thursday, August 20, 2009


This is the first post on this blog. Soon posts will appear with posters on Halifax history. They try to sum up events in the city's history that either don't have plaques made about them, or that have plaques that don't do justice to the full story. These posters will also be wheat pasted up on lamp poles in the area the history is about. the idea is that anyone who walks by may stumble upon a peice of history.

Tim Groves is a Toronto based activist who has been conducting a two week residency at the Robert Street Social Centre. His project to make posters on little known Halifax history is based on a similar project he has done in Toronto for the past seven years, The Missing Plaque Project. He has made over 15 posters on bits of missing Toronto history, highlighting place names before Europeans arrived, demolished neighbourhoods, people writen out of the history books, strikes, riots and protests.

While in halifax he has tried to make as many posters as he can on Halifax history. With only two weeks of work there remain many histories that could not be covered. so the posters above really only touch the tip of the iceburg. There goal is to make people look at the city's history, including some of the darker sides that official plaques like omit.

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