Thursday, August 20, 2009

Poster wish list

Unfortunately with only two weeks to make posters, only a few were made. It would be wonderful if people in Halifax took over this project and made it there own, Or if this inspired people to make their own posters, zines, street theater, radio, or anything else that brought the history to life.

Here is a list of some of the posters that would have been made, if only there was more time:
-Maroons building the Citadel
-Tall ships and slavery
-Demolished Neighbourhoods and Urban Renewal
-Halifax Harbour for war.
-Near nuclear sub accident
-unexploded orindance
-Women's movement and anti-nuclear marches
-Riot in 80's after blacks banned from Rosa's bar
-Riot after World War II
-Riot in early days of city
-Mi'kmaq helping slaves escape
-Occupation of employment office on Gottigen Street
-Boxing and race relations
-student tent city
-student movement in the 1980's
-labour struggles
-buried creeks
-the Commons; how should common land be used...

no doubt there are countless of events in the city's history that deserve plaques made of them.

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